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1. What is hochohmig.de / niederohmig.de?

"hochohmig" is German for a high electric resistance. "niederohmig" is its opposite. Some day in school, I looked if the domains were still free. They were, and that's why I registered them the same day.
Years later in September 2017, I told that story to a colleague of mine, and he inspired me to build a voltage divider calculator. Some days later, the very first version was online.
Over time, more and more features were implemented, and this is still not final, so come back some time!

2. I found an error!

Please use the report link at the end of every result-page, or send me a mail (name [at] pagename (.de)) directly.

3. Why do you not hold liability for the results?

I cannot guarantee that there are no bugs in my code. Also, the used floating-point calculations suffer some inherent precision issues (see).
See also this example from my calculator. All solutions should lead to the same deviation, but they do not.
Please always verify the results with e.g. a calculator and report any issues to me.

4. What's the difference between hochohmig.de & niederohmig.de?

Usually, niederohmig.de holds the older and more stable version. Known bugs will however be always fixed asap at both domains.

5. Which browsers are supported?

All except Internet Explorer should work, however I only test Firefox and Chrome. If you find any issues, please report them to me.

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